It's time for you to enjoy and experience the contactless timing with the SPORTident ActiveCard, the new way to be faster. Take the next step and speed up your sport! The SIAC produces an optical and acoustical feedback signal to show the fast athlete a successful contactless and accurate timing. Keep up with our new technology and prepare in the best way possible for forthcoming sporting events by using the SIAC.

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Runner with SIAC

SIAC for athletes

It's our passion to make your sport more attractive, no matter if you are a beginner, amateur or professional. Guaranteeing contactless and accurate timing the SIAC is your reliable partner for outdoor sport events. Just run at full speed with no mistake and focus on your sport. The successful timing is done by SPORTident and the SIAC.


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SIAC for organisers

SPORTident offers you the complete solution for your event. Create an unforgettable experience for every participant. To organise an event is a challenge - To set up the timing system should be an amusement. It's our aim to reduce your work load and enhance competitors sport experience. Any time. Any place. Any weather.


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